Sunday, March 20, 2011

Changing the Conversation

I am starting this blog because of a few things I've discovered in my 5 short years of motherhood that I find downright scary. I have sometimes joked with friends about being a "crazy mom" because in some respects I go to great lengths to protect the health of my kids. The truth is, I'm not crazy. I'm educated and I've taken the time to research a few health-related issues. I want change. To achieve that change, I think the conversation needs to be altered.

There have been astronomical increases in autism, allergies, asthma, arthritis and diabetes in recent years. In my heart of hearts I believe these increases are due to vaccines and/or all the processing (and additives) in our food.

As it relates to vaccines, here's the deal: the conversation has been whether or not to vaccinate. If you vaccinate you are putting your child at risk of all the potential side effects (known & unknown) of the vaccine itself. If you don't vaccinate, you are putting your child at risk of contracting some nasty and sometimes life-threatening diseases. It's no-win and it's not a choice parents should have to make.

The conversation should be about the safety of vaccines. I'm no scientist, but surely toxin-free vaccines can be manufactured. Get rid of the carcinogens--the formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, etc. Is that so impossible? Why have vaccine manufacturers even been allowed to put those ingredients in the vaccines to begin with? I don't get it. To achieve change I think we parents are going to have to stand up for the safety of our kids (and ourselves).

So that's where I start. Through this blog I plan to take readers (if I have any) through my journey and provide some of my learnings along the way. I'm not anti-vaccine or anti-food. I am about the safety of the things we are putting into our kids. And I want change.

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