Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to the world precious child!

Beginning from the beginning...

When I was pregnant, a girl who worked for me came into my office and essentially warned me to research vaccines before I gave them to my child. She had a 7-year-old child who was autistic and she was convinced MMR was the cause. Her "warning" was done in a passive, non-confrontational way. She mostly said, "just research them." I nodded and smiled, but didn't think much about it.

At some point (I must have been bored) I did research it. I discovered one vaccine with aluminum and another (Rotovirus which is really fun, but more about that later) had been introduced and then pulled due to bad reactions, but it was newly back & on the list to give.

Then I have my precious child. Cue the glorious music. Bring on the flowers. Check out my bundle of pure joy. Bring in the nurse who is ready to give my newborn a Hep B shot. Bring the music to a screeching halt. What? Don't you get Hep B from sex & drugs, as in needles? I'm fairly certain he's not at risk. Bring the music back on.

Ok, that's not exactly how it happened. My first night after having him, my precious newborn started screaming his head off. The nurses disappeared. After what felt like hours I finally got him to stop crying by putting him up on my shoulder, but I was so sleep deprived (I had him in the middle of the night, the night before) I was falling asleep & I was afraid of dropping him (being a first-time mom & all). So I called the hubby to come back so I could sleep. Once I did fall asleep the nurses reappeared to wake me up and take my blood pressure. Really? Then he wouldn't latch. I swear I tried to get anyone who walked in the room to help me get him to latch. The food delivery people were no exception. Then enter Hep B shot nurse. I wasn't prepared. As I recall I very politely told her that I needed to research that one before giving it to my newborn. In retrospect and based on all the stress alive & well in the room, I likely threw something at her & told her to get my baby to latch. Exit nurse. Enter forms & new nasty-nurse attitude. I was never so happy to leave anyplace in my life.

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