Friday, April 8, 2011

The Chemicals Most Dangerous to Children

My friend Elizabeth clued me into this other blog post on a list of chemicals most dangerous to children based on data from the EPA. They describe each chemical & why it is used. And yes, they are still widely used in things we all use everyday.  Click here to see the info. As it relates to the food dyes, I've long wondered why products aren't offered here without those contaminants. They've been outlawed in many other countries so manufacturers are already producing dye-free versions (think Kraft Mac & Cheese that's not orange & color-free M&Ms). Why not put them on the shelves here & let us choose?

There are a couple additional things I've started trying to avoid that I'm surprised didn't make the list. Those are sodium nitrate (hot dogs & lunch meat) and paraben (cosmetics, lotion, hair care & I've now started finding it in medicine & toothpaste). Again, I'm no scientist, but more on those later.

Off the subject, this weekend I'll be putting together our menu for the next month. I'll be sure to share once it's complete.


  1. That list stuck with me today when I was out shopping for pajamas for Jackson. I ended up buying him one pair, but I'm thinking maybe I'll just let him wear an old t-shirt to bed instead. Hmmmm...

    And then I went and bought a pack of hot dogs - but I'll ONLY buy the new Oscar Meyer nitrate free ones now!

  2. I returned that pair of pajamas to the store today. Mainly because they didn't fit, but also because I don't want my kids sleeping in flame retardant fabric. Instead, I searched the kid section and found my son some 4T size boxer shorts. Tonight, he's sleeping in the boxers and a large t-shirt. Yay! My daughter sleeps in an oversize t-shirt too. I think that's the way I'm going from now on. I feel relief!