Monday, April 18, 2011

Mercury-Free, We're Worth It!!!

During our routine 18-month check-up with our little one, the doctor recommended we give him the flu shot. She indicated that since he had RSV when he was 6-months, he was at an increased risk for the flu. I actually had done a small amount of research before the doctor visit & read that some flu shots still contain mercury. Frankly, I thought my research must be wrong. But, I asked her about it anyway. Her reply was that the previous year their practice ordered some vaccines with mercury & some without. They gave the ones without mercury to infants & younger kids. They gave older kids the shots with mercury. But that year they ordered all mercury-free vaccines. It was 2007 and this was a pediatric practice connected to one of the best children's hospitals in the country! Needless to say, I was shocked.

I cringe when I see the "flu vaccine clinics" that are now being set up all over town. I wonder what's in them and does anyone ask? I'm really not here to debate whether or not you should get the flu vaccine. I am saying that if you want the flu vaccine, shouldn't it be safe? We know mercury is harmful to our bodies. We know we can manufacture the vaccine without it. Why aren't we all important enough to do that?

You may have seen this, but one of the principal researchers for the CDC on the ties to mercury-based vaccine preservative and autism was just indicted for fraud and money laundering.  It sounds like there are some big questions about his ethics and the research he pushed. You can read more by clicking here. Again, shocking!


  1. When Savannah was born in Australia they offered NEWBORNS Hep B shots !! This was the day they were born. Their rational was that hospitals are a dirty place and with needles. Now Hep A is necessary for some conditions in 3rd world countries... Hep B on the other hand is often transmitted between IV drug users and recommended for healthcare workers. I was just stunned that this was common practice there !! (I didnt' get it done of course)
    When the girls were born I hated how their weight was never taken into consideration. Sienna especially was quite small -- every other medication is based on the weight of the child except vaccines.

  2. Is it different in Canada? They do the same here. I'm also wondering your experience with the dye-free foods. I just want that choice here....