Thursday, April 21, 2011

We are part of a movement!

I am totally getting philosophical today....

I started this blog with the idea, "let's see where it takes me". I've been overwhelmed with the great response. People who I hadn't expected have even stopped me on the street (literally) to tell me how much they are enjoying it. I started it thinking I was going to bring some issues to the minds of others. Have I done that? Maybe. What I've really found are that people are bringing additional and new information to me. And doing the blog is keeping me accountable. It has forced me to try harder keeping up with things and to take action. In the few weeks since starting this, I have joined a CSA, planted seeds in a garden (I've started with plants in the past), planted a blueberry bush, researched how to organically treat my not-so-healthy peach tree, watched Food Inc., read "Food Rules" and done additional research on a few issues.

When I was watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on Tuesday it hit me that there is a movement going on and we're part of it. We have a crises on our hands with the ever-increasing rise in diabetes, allergies, asthma  and autism, and people are standing up. Celebrities have joined in (Jamie Oliver, Shaq, Jenny McCarthy, Trace Adkins to name a few). And it seems every time I've gone to the internet to look things up, I find more out there. I'm even stumbling across organizations I've never noticed before. is one. It was founded because they believe we're eventually going to find that autism is really a form of mercury poisoning (both environmental & what we're putting in our bodies). Some of their research definitely makes you wonder. The National Vaccine Information Center seems to be growing & doing an excellent job of getting info out. And people are getting involved, whether it's politically, using their $ or by cooking and buying local & organic when they can. It is amazing and I am feeling very blessed to be a small part of it. It involves change and people are doing it! We are demanding transparency & better food, even if its at the cost of change (which is never easy). Jamie Oliver went to L.A. to bring change to schools there. They have tried to shut him down, I'm sure thinking he'd just go somewhere else and now they are going to have to deal with the repercussions of a major TV show putting their lack of transparency and refusal to change out there. I love it--it's movement. It's change. And now it's entertainment.

Thank you all for all the support, ideas and thoughts. Keep them coming!

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  1. Christy I've have two recent incidences of the over use of "juice" and lack of milk in a child's diet. One the child had just turned one and was refusing milk only wanting juice. The other incident was a child who was 3 and biting on things especially with her front teeth and putting things in her mouth (unusual for her). We wondered if lack of calcium could be the cause, to which the mother offered up that she doesn't drink very much milk.
    We adopted a "chocolate milk" habit from my mom when we moved over here, which my girls hadn't experienced before. We found they were waking up in the night quite often. There was a T.V. show that mentioned that caffeine stays in your system for 24 hours. Coffee, chocolate, tea all have caffeine. We cut out this chocolate milk habit and the kids slept through the night after that no problem !
    Now we try to only offer juice in the AM which is the V8 infusion (half veggies half fruit) and the rest of the day is either milk or water.