Thursday, May 5, 2011

First trip to the CSA

Last night I picked up our first return on our CSA investment. We invested in one that is made up of 6 farms, all organic & we pick up our share of produce each week at the local community college. When I arrived there were 4 sections with food, each section had a couple choices and you grab your pick. I ended up with a yummy mushroom pate, baggie of lettuces, purple lettuce, spinach, sweet potatoes and a cookbook with lots of ideas for what is surely coming down the road. We're paying $17 per week. Did I get $17 worth of food-absolutely! If I would've gone to the grocery store, would I have spent my $17 on these things-no (though yes to a couple items). However, we're eating things we normally wouldn't. And last night I made a salad with the lettuce blends & some left over steak & veggies & it was delish! Better than the stuff you buy in the store.

This does lead me to another food idea for kids.... Since we have so many salad-type fixin's, I decided to cook, puree the spinach & freeze it so it won't go to waste. I will use it for orzo with spinach down the road, but mostly I'll use it to make "green eggs & cheese". My younger child won't touch an egg unless it's hidden in bread or cake, but my older guy loves eggs. "Green eggs & cheese" are off-and-on his favorite meal!

I freeze the cooked & pureed spinach in an ice cube tray (each cup about 1/2 full). After it's frozen, I move the cubes to a baggie & store in the freezer that way. To make the green eggs & cheese, I pop a cube in the microwave, whisk it with 2-3 eggs & a little milk & then cook it like an omelet. He loves it & it's the only time he knowingly eats anything green.

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