Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Impossible to eliminate everything, but maybe I'll start with the most harmful....

Since first finding the list of chemicals most harmful to children as reported by the EPA, I can't get it out of my head. Some of the items on the list we are already trying to avoid (BPA, MSG, food dyes). I must admit even with those, if it's something that is terribly inconvenient, I haven't avoided it. Some of the items are going to be painful to get out of the house & I've been struggling with whether or not to do it. I sometimes have the age-old thought "I grew up with it and I turned out ok", but then I wonder, did I grow up with it? When was it introduced? I really have no idea.

Ultimately I'm coming down on the side of: IT MADE THE EPA's LIST OF MOST HARMFUL CHEMICALS TO KIDS. Hello!?! We should avoid it. My first step is the BHA. I've thrown out or given away all our cereals except Cheerios (I've read that label 80 times I'm sure & I'm now convinced it doesn't have it), replacing them with some cereals from the organic aisle. Gorilla Munch seems to be the new fav!

Next to go are the PJs. My kids love their PJs-both the animals that normally come on them & wearing them all day. I've been trying to figure out how I can get them out of them. Low & behold, on the last day of preschool my 5-yr-old came home with a new t-shirt featuring an art rendering he drew. He swears he drew it on paper & Mrs. G got it onto the t-shirt (I think ironing). He said it won't come off & thus far it has held up in the washer & dryer! This could be fun-we can make our own animals on big t-shirts & sleep in them for years!!! This weekend I'm going to plant myself at Michaels & figure out how Mrs. G did this. If anyone knows, please clue me in before I waste hours at the craft store.

Note: I tried searching the EPA's website to ensure this info is correct. While it's nearly impossible to find anything on the EPA site, I did find this, which appears to be essentially this list in more scientific terms. Also if you're a soon-to-be mom or the mom of an infant, it might be worth reading this: (as if you need one more thing to worry about).

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  1. I know you can print directly onto t-shirt transfer paper, then iron the transfer onto the shirt. I've done it and it works well!

    I got rid of the pajamas too. My daughter still has one nightgown she couldn't part with, but otherwise they are sleeping in oversized t-shirts and shorts. Jackson sleeps in little boy boxer shorts, and Katie sleeps in some knit shorts that I bought at Target. They're just regular shorts, but stretchy and comfy enough for bed.

    Gotta check my cereals next!