Friday, June 17, 2011

Menu: the next few weeks

We have Vacation Bible Camp this week & I feel like I'm getting a small dose of what many of my "working" mom friends go through on a regular basis. Camp landed on a week when I didn't have a menu planned out (I was through the old & hadn't created a new yet). Every morning we've had plans or I've tried to get a little work done. We've been leaving for VBC around 11:30. I hang out with 1st graders from 12:30-3:30. By the time we get home (if we don't run an errand) it's almost 4:30. It might all be fine except when I get my kids from their VBC rooms at 3:30 they are generally in melt-down. It's like they see me & decide to let out this huge release. I'm generally tired, but have the potential to rally...until the melt-down occurs & throws me into complete & utter mental exhaustion. Needless to say, it has been a week of left-overs. I was fortunate to find a few things I had previously frozen.

This has me back on track with my next menu & here it is. Also, the CSA I joined has started producing the more "fun" produce--strawberries, broccoli (best I've had), beets (weird, but I LOVE them), tomatoes. I'll be incorporating these things in side dishes to go along with the menu. So excited!

tonight: going out (Checking out a new restaurant owned by a friend-fast food using fresh, local & non-processed as much as possible. I'll let you know if we like it.)
Sat: pork roast
Sun: ribs
Mon: chicken supreme
Tue: left overs for the boys, date night for us
Wed: pork burgers
Thurs: left overs (book club for me, boys can fend for themselves)
Fri: yogurt chicken
Sat: steak
Sun: a birthday party-eating there & can't wait!
Mon: chicken salad
Tue: stir fry
Wed: pot roast
Thr: left overs
Fri: hamburgers
Sat: BBQ chicken
Sun: chicken fried rice
Mon: pulled pork
Tue: chicken enchiladas
Wed: left overs

There it is. Like last time, I'll post some of the recipes. If there's anything in particular you want please let me know!

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